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* Schedule subject to Changes



Social Advocacy Panel Discussions

10:00-10:20a: Opening Intentions with Joshelyn Johnson & Tamar Draughn


10:30a-11:15a: Inclusion In the Industry

Moderator: Candy Angel

Panelists: Mary Pryor, Chirali Patel, & Erin Kirk-Gorman


11:30a-12:15p: Women's Wellness with Cannabis

Moderator: Takisha Carter

Panelists: Solonje Burnett, Sharnette Johnson, RN & Kristin Jordan


12n-12:45p: Intersectionality of the War on Drugs in Healthcare

Moderator: Luis Vega

Panelists: Dr. Kristen DeJesus, Dr. Alan Ao, & Joshelyn Johnson


1p-1:45p: CannaParents

Moderator: Tanya Osborne

Panelists: Sephida Artis-Mills, Jessie Gill,RN , & Che'toia Walker


2p-2:45p: Cannabis for Palliative Care Discussion

Moderator:Kebra Smith-Bolden,RN

Panelists: Nique Pichette,RN Melissa Bouchard,RN , & Colleen Higgins R.Ph



3p-4p: Closing Remarks in College Room; Winners Announced


Patient Empowerment Wellness Center Sponsored by Weedmaps

10:30a-12n: CBD Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation with Infused Touch

12:15N-3:15p: FREE Chair Massages by Massage At Work USA


1p-3p: CBD Facials with Meticulous Spa & Beauty


12n-4pm: Medical Marijuana Patient Certifications with Cannahealth


MMJ Patient Certifications - First 30 FREE



Acreage Holding Sponsored Luncheon Service 12:30-2:00p

10:00a-10:30a Opening Remarks 


10:45-11:30a Cannabis in Healthcare - The Bottom-up Approach presented by Alan Ao


11:45a-12:45  - Cannabis:  Don’t Believe Everything You Hear….Navigating the Mis-information Minefield presented by Corey Burchman, MD


12:30 -2p Luncheon Service Begins


1P-1:45P Results from the Healthcare Provider Medical Cannabis Research Study presented by Marion McNabb, DrPH, MPH


2-2:45P Cannabis Patient Care & Concern presented by Al Domeika, R.Ph


3P-3:45P Keynote Speakers

3:45 - 4pm Closing Remarks & Winners Announced


Patient Empowerment Breakout Room Sponsored by Weedmaps

10:30a-11:00a Infusion 101 Demo with Ardent


11:15a-11:45a Cannabis In Dentistry by Nicole Greco, RDH


11:50-12:20P - Is Your Green Clean or Mean?: Learn How To Spot Quality Cannabis presented by Noni Goldman of Mill Agriculture


12:30P-1:00P - Power to the Patients Table Talk: Multiple Sclerosis & Lupus Health Advocates with Carla Basante and Judith Mills


1:15P-2:15P - Dosages for Patients & Caregivers presented by Sang Choi RPh of Etain Health


2:30P-3:00P - Contraindications of Cannabis Topicals in Therapeutic Bodywork Applications by Jade Sancho-Duser, LMT


3:00P-4:00P - Closing Remarks in College Room


Industry Social Advocacy Sponsored by Trulieve

Room A - Cannabiz Pitch Room


10:30a-11:30A Trulieve Pitch Competition - Group A

11:30A-12:30p Trulieve Pitch Competition - Group B

1:00p-2:00p Trulieve Pitch Competition - Group C

2:00p-3:00p Trulieve Pitch Competition - Group D



Room B- Workshop Area

10:30a-11:30a RCEG: Dispensary Agent Crash Course with Carl Burwell & Jon Rojas, co-founders of the Rooted Community Education Group


12n-12:45p Blaze Your Biz - Legal Q&A with Chirali Patel of Blaze Law Firm


1:30 - 2:15p The Cannadon’ts of Business Accounting with Erica Edwards, The Number Grinder



3p-4p Judging Commences. Winners Announced in College Room


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